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Placing a Wager
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Wagering Interface

The Xpressbet wagering interface is broken up into four sections:

  • Utilities: Here you'll find tools for managing your account and a convenient link to our Help section.
  • Navigation: Easy access to the most frequently used information like Changes, Oddsboards, My Wagers and more.
  • Tracklist: Customizable tracklists and quick access to Deposits, Wagerpad and Video.
  • Multiview: Your personal, customized view to manage the wagering and handicapping tools you want. Add, remove, hide and show the modules of your choice.

The Tracklist

On the left side of the page you'll find the Tracklist. Use the Tracklist to select a track, check your balance, make deposits, open the Wagerpad and access live video feeds. The Tracklist contains the following sections:

  • Balance: Quickly confirm your available balance anytime.

  • Deposit, Wager and Video buttons: Easy access to account funding, the Wagerpad and multiple live video feeds.

  • My Tracks: This custom list displays the next races running on your favorite tracks. You pick the tracks and they will always be a click away.

  • Next on Xpressbet: This list displays the next races running on Xpressbet, so you'll always be able to catch the action.

  • Other Tracks: This section provides you with a full list of all running tracks, split into three "Groups" – Thoroughbred, Harness and International Venues. To show or hide the tracks within each Group, simply click on the bold Group Headline and the list will toggle between showing and hiding the tracks.

The Wagerpad

Click on the gold "Wager" button at the top of the Tracklist to launch the Wagerpad:

  • First, confirm your track and race selections.
  • Next, select the amount you’d like to wager from the dropdown list or enter an "other" amount.
  • Select the Pool/Wager Type you would like to play.
  • Make your horse selection(s) by clicking on the horse's number.
  • "All", "With", "Box", "Key Box" and "QuickPick" options are available for your convenience, as well as "Clear Leg" and "Copy Leg" for multi-leg races.
  • To place a Conditional Wager, select the "Conditional Wager" checkbox and select your Odds and Minutes To Post. Learn more about Conditional Wagering.
  • Once you've confirmed your wager and verified your wager total, click the gold "Submit" button to submit your wager. If you're not quite ready to submit your wager, click on the blue "Save" button. You can submit your wager later from My Wagers.
  • To start over, simply click on the blue "Clear" button.

Once you've submitted your wager, you'll be prompted to confirm your wager:

  • Confirm your Track, Race, Pool, Selections, Wager Amount and Wager Total.
  • If there are any issues with your wager, click on the blue "Close" button and correct your wager in the Wagerpad.
  • If everything appears correct, click on the gold "Bet" button.
  • When your wager is accepted, you will receive a confirmation and a transaction number like the one shown here.
  • To see the official standings, check the Results. To see if you've won, check out My Wagers.

Xpressbet Programs

Xpressbet Programs are clear, easy to read and put all of the race information you need right at your fingertips. All three of our program views - Complete, Condensed and Condensed Plus - provide the following information:

  • Track name, race number and post time are always available in the upper left-hand corner of the program.
  • Race distance and track condition are always available in the upper right-hand corner of the program.
  • Full race conditions, including age, gender, eligibility to participate in the race, the race purse, weight allowances and any other information that may be used to determine which horses may participate in the races. These can be toggled on or off by selecting the "Show" and "Hide" links next to "Conditions."
  • The full wagering menu, which informs players as to which types of bets are available on the race.
  • Program number, horse name, jockey, trainer, equipment, medications, weight, claiming price (if applicable), morning-line odds and current real-time odds.
  • Please note, in a harness program, you will find a metric called the Universal Driver Rating (UDR). This is used very similarly to a batting average in baseball - the higher the UDR, the more successful the driver.

To display this data, we offer three different Xpressbet Program views:


Complete: Displays all of the traditional program information, as well as breeding information on the particular runners, and also displays the program numbers and ownership information about this horse. This view most closely resembles the program that you'd receive at the track.


Condensed: A summary version of the complete program, this popular view lists all the information about a horse that can fit on one line, including name, jockey, trainer and current odds.


Condensed Plus: This view is incredibly popular among multi-race players. It allows for seamless browsing of all races on the card in the Condensed view.


Xpressbet's Multiview is a highly-customizable way for you to play the races. Watch and wager on the races you like, add or remove the modules you want and organize them in whatever order you like to create your own personalized ideal wagering page.

  • Program View: Have all runner information at your fingertips with Xpressbet's Complete, Condensed and Condensed Plus program views.
  • Wagerpad/Video: Watch live video and place your wagers without missing a beat.
  • Oddsboard: Get real-time wagering information, including pool totals, probable payouts and multi-race wager will-pays.
  • Results: Check the outcomes of previous races on that day's card.
  • Changes: View real-time scratches and changes.
  • My Wagers: Easily keep track of your current and past wagers.

How to Watch Live Video

Above the Tracklist you'll find two Video buttons:

  • The "Video 1" button opens the main video player.
  • Select the track you'd like to watch using the dropdown menu.
  • Change the size of your video player by selecting Small, Medium or Large from the dropdown menu located at the bottom of the video window.
  • Click the "Video 2" button to open a second video player and watch two tracks at the same time!

Watching Video Replays

There are two ways to access Video Replays:


Program Views

The easiest way to access video replays is from any Xpressbet Program. Simply click on the name of a horse in the program to open the Replays window and view a list of replays available for that horse.


Wager Now

To open the Replays interface and search our extensive database of video replays, just click on "Wager Now" and select "Replays." The Replays interface allows you to search for replays using the following criteria:

  • Date: View all video replays available for a specific date by entering a date or using the interactive calendar.
  • Track: View all video replays for a specific track on a specific date by choosing a track from the dropdown menu and then specifying the date.
  • Horse: View all videos for a specific horse by entering the horse's name in the search box and clicking "Find Replays."